I provide content writing services for websites, blogs, magazines and businesses at $2.50 per 100 words.

I have been working as a full time writer for the last 6 years and in that time my writing has appeared across many of the biggest sites on the web including ShoeMoney, SEO Journal, Android Authority, Health Guidance and many more. I also worked as assistant editor at a magazine called Writers’ News for one year and have lots of experience writing for magazines and product packaging.

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My specialty subjects are bodybuilding, fitness, psychology, nootropics, technology, programming, business, internet marketing and martial arts – though I am more than willing to learn new subjects as necessary. Hire me to write blog content, sales pages, SEO articles, fiction or anything else. Check out my blog at www.thebioneer.com for samples of my work, or get in touch to learn more about hiring me for your business.

Poor quality writing can seriously undermine an otherwise great business plan, so don’t settle for anything less than the best content in your niche.

Contact me at moesmack@gmail.com.