These are just some of the apps I have developed as NQR Productions:

Multiscreen Multitasking

Multiscreen Multitasking is a productivity tool that enables true multitasking on an Android Device. This is 10+ apps in one package, each of which can be opened in resizable windows or tiled for convenient touch input. There’s also a desktop shortcut system and interaction between the apps, allowing users to:

  • Enter text while using a browser window as a resource
  • Open web pages as images and annotate them
  • Watch videos while chatting on Facebook
  • Quickly add hand-written notes or camera images to any folder
  • And more!

Multiscreen Multitasking has sold over 20,000 copies in its various iterations on the Google Play Store and comes pre-installed on select Indian handsets from OEMs Celkon and Intex.

multiscreen multitasking

Many more updates and plans are in store for the app in future, so check it out HERE.

Voxis Launcher

NQR Productions provided the code for Voxis Launcher. Voxis Launcher is the brainchild of YouTube phenomenon Coldfusion and is designed to make your Android device more minimalist and functional.


With nearly 5,000 downloads, Voxis Launcher is just getting started! Find it in the store HERE.

Watch the video for more details and be sure to check out the rest of his channel!

Debugger: Brain Untraining

Debugger has not had a lot of downloads (at all) but is still one of the apps I’m proud of. This is a puzzle game that I believe is quite unique and which gets very challenging. It’s all about abstraction and learning to think in different ways, hence ‘abstraction’. The main character, ‘Bee Boo’, is something I used to draw on my homework diary in Year 7. You can find it HERE.