The Bioneer ( is a blog about ‘action self-development’, featuring posts on bodybuilding, fitness, health, neuroscience, brain training, productivity, working online, creativity and more. Some of my favourite recent articles have examined synaesthesia, ambidexterity, embodied cognition, muscle memory and flow states.


I believe we’ve only scratched the surface of what our bodies and minds are capable of and I love experimenting with new techniques and training methods to try and tap into that further. I’m greatly inspired by action heroes like Stallone, Arnie and Jackie Chan, as well as superheroes like Iron Man and Spider-Man. I don’t see any reason why life can’t be more like a superhero story and that’s why I develop apps, earn money online and constantly look for new, exciting ways to train my body and mind. I share it all on the blog and it’s starting to pick up some momentum.

I also have a YouTube channel which I’ve been investing in lately, trying to improve my presentation skills and production values. The channel currently has 2,500+ viewers and counting.

Here’s a recent upload:

My next project: to create the ultimate home gym, ‘The Biolab’, to feature in a new kind of training video.

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